Christmas's the most wonderful time of the year! 

I LOVE Christmas. I’m a December baby, so I love the winter and the run up to Christmas, spending time with family and friends, and of course finding special goodies to gift for other people. I normally have quite a small budget for Christmas, and let's be honest, we are probably all guilty of going overboard on occasion (I know I can get so carried away or forget what I've bought), but since having a business of my own, I've learnt the importance of supporting small brands and independent stores. 

So rather than buy all of the 'tat' for £10 from cheap mass producing companies, why not use that money to buy something special from a small business, that has had blood, sweat and most likely a lot of tears, that will bring more joy to the maker than you could ever imagine!! It's also more likely to last longer than the tat too. 

I hope you enjoy my Christmas collection, as much as I have enjoyed designing and making it! This year has been a toughie for us all, so let's make Christmas 2020 a special one!!

 N xx

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