‘Baby Sleeping’ Banner

‘Baby Sleeping’ Banner

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For when baby is sleeping and you don’t want anyone to wake the little bundle. Sleep to all babies and parents, is precious. So if you’re worried bout the neighbours popping by or he postie ringing the doorbell, this banner hanging on your door or in your porch will Let them know that ‘Baby Sleeping’. 

The design is digitally handwritten, and then each one transferred onto the fabric by hand! 

This is for display only, and not recommended to wash. Do not iron directly on the design. If you need to iron the fabric due to any creases, please make sure you iron either the back only or cover the writing with a cloth (tea towel does the trick nicely)! 

Made from: Hand-sewn natural cotton banner, vinyl iron-on, pine dowel, faux suede black cord.

Each banner is slightly different due to the process of them, so please allow for little imperfections. 


Small - approx 15cm x 14cm

Medium - approx 23.5cm x 19cm

 Large - approx 27cm x 24cm